A thousand miles journey begins with the first step! Ginglekids is an opportunity for you to give a good start to your child. The “first step” you had always dreamt for! Education, Knowledge, Learning and experience will greatly influence the number of new connections each of our brains will make over a lifetime. Discover, Unlock and develop your children’s natural gifts! Come, let us, together, lay the foundations of genius in them.


Ginglekids Playschool

We all know that children are naturally creative and good learners. Their reception skills and learning ability, whether they are late bloomers or early bloomers, are at the peak right from the day one. The early formation phase in childhood is where the most crucial mental formation happens. It is very important, at this stage, to just support our children with the right environment. Having opportunities to be creative and to express their individual ideas is an important factor in any child’s development. An environment which facilitates learning, arouses curiosity, instills confidence and appreciates them. This is what we exactly do in our Playschools. Children’s natural gifts are like the colours of a rainbow; no one can say where they begin or end, but they are there ready to be discovered and to shine.

In 1984, the biologist Lewontin pointed out that if you take two equally well-formed plant seedlings, and then you put one of these seedlings in a nutrient-rich environment, the plant grows tall and blooms wonderfully. If you take the other equally well-formed plant seedling and put it in a nutrient-deficient environment, plant growth is stunted. Environment, not the biological inheritance of these seedlings has determined their actual growth and success in each case. Ginglekids is all about providing your child with some excellent ‘nutrients’ to help their natural gifts blossom. Getting to be a ‘tall plant’ takes nurture as well as nature. Sadly, there have been cases where children have been discovered; who were raised with severely minimized social interaction that their brain development including speech and language were radically impaired. Providing children with a nurturing, supportive and socially interactive environment is not just good for their self-esteem, emotional development and overall well-being; it is no less than paramount for their cognitive brain function and intellectual development.

The Playschool is for 5 days a week from Monday to Friday for 3 hours everyday from 9:30 to 12:30 pm. You may contact us for further details.

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